"[I]t is possible to use .AMAZON for our business purposes while respecting the people, culture, history, and ecology of the Amazonian region."


Amazon’s proposed compromise – we will:

  • Permanently block use of culturally sensitive terms at the second level (e.g., “rainforest”). The list of blocked terms would be developed with OTCA and its Member Governments.
  • Develop a formal process with OTCA and its Member Governments to periodically review and adjust as necessary the list of culturally sensitive blocked terms.
  • Present a Memorandum of Understanding to ICANN setting out (i) Amazon’s non-objection to any future TLD application filed or endorsed by the OTCA and/or its Member Governments for the TLD strings “.AMAZONIA”, “.AMAZONAS” or “.AMAZONICA”; and (ii) Amazon’s agreement to support, in ways mutually acceptable to both Amazon and OTCA and/or its Member Governments, for such future TLD applications. (Support could include technical and application preparation support.)

Recent Developments


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