The Multistakeholder Model wins! Amazon gets to proceed with .AMAZON applications.


Where is .AMAZON Today?

May 15, 2019 – Board Resolution determines that the Amazon corporation proposal is not inconsistent with GAC advice and that there is no public policy reason for why the .AMAZON applications should not be allowed to proceed in the New gTLD Program.

March 10, 2019 – Board Resolution calls on Amazon and ACTO to reach a mutually acceptable solution by April 7, 2019.

April 17, 2019 – Amazon submits its proposal to address ACTO member states' concerns.

Highlights of Amazon's Proposal

Amazon's Public Interest Commitment (“PIC”) and joint Steering Committee reflects our commitment to operate the TLDs in a way that respects the culture and heritage of the people in the Amazonia region:
  • Allocates 9 domain names to ACTO and its member states to enhance the global visibility of the Amazonia region.
  • Reserves up to 1500 domain names to safeguard the culture and heritage of the Amazonia region.
  • Establishes operation of the TLDs as .BRAND registries to protect against misuse of the TLDs and appropriately provides for Amazon’s commercial use consistent with ICANN’s policies and requirements.
  • Proposes a Steering Committee to ensure that ACTO and its member states have a voice in the shared use and governance of the .AMAZON TLDs.
  • Represents a significant concession for Amazon, as: (1) international trademark law does not recognize that confusion is likely, (2) the term “Amazon” is not a protected geographic name, and (3) it is a self-imposed limitation that no other .BRAND has been required to adopt.

Recent Developments

March 10, 2019: Board Resolution calls on Amazon and ACTO to reach a mutually acceptable solution by April 7, 2019.

January 16, 2019: Board Resolves to make a decision at ICANN 64 on the next steps regarding the potential delegation of .AMAZON.

October 25, 2018: the Board directs the President and CEO to remove the "Will Not Proceed" status and resume processing of the .AMAZON applications.

September 16, 2018: Board Resolution instructs ICANN CEO and President to provide a proposal for the Board's consideration.

February 2, 2018 – Board notes it has Asked ICANN President and CEO to Facilitate Negotiations Between the OTCA Member Countries and Amazon.

November 1, 2017: GAC asks Board to Assist in Facilitating Negotiations between .AMAZON and OTCA member countries


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