"The ICANN Board accepts the GAC advice and has asked the ICANN org President and CEO to facilitate negotiations between the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization’s (ACTO) member states and the Amazon corporation."


Where is .AMAZON Today?

Oct 29 - Board asks the GAC to provide any new or additional information relating to .AMAZON by the conclusion of ICANN 61.
Nov 1 – GAC asks the Board to assist in facilitating negotiations between .AMAZON and the OTCA member countries.
Feb 2 – Board notes it has asked ICANN President and CEO to facilitate negotiations between the OTCA member countries and Amazon.

Recent Developments

Feb 2 – Board Notes it has Asked ICANN President and CEO to Facilitate Negotiations Between the OTCA Member Countries and Amazon.

November 1, 2017: GAC Asks Board to Assist in Facilitating Negotiations between .AMAZON and OTCA member countries

Watch Amazon's presentation to the GAC on October 29, 2017. (Requires Adobe Connect) 

October 29, 2017: ICANN Board Requests New or Additional Information from Governmental Advisory Committee by March 15, 2018


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